Antari Z-1200 II
Antari Z-1200 II

Z-1200 II, Smoke Machine from Antari in the Z-II series.

marcadj 08/28/2006

Antari Z-1200 II : marcadj's user review


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I just bought this product, I know it's hard to notice after so little use, but I was using it on the ass anyway.
I love its weight, its power (it is a real tank that machine), the pump is powerful (it is that of the Z-1500). I especially like the "continuous", the output stuck at 30% (already huge) and it spits out a Hazer, ideal for use in live.
A disappointment that is not a, it can be used outdoors, smoke flies very fast, too fast, but what a smoke stayed there while there is wind?
I used an F-80 there in three years and even then I knew I would buy the Z1200 it is the first machine in the range which is DMX, I worked as a Z- 1000, this machine seems to have twice the speed, I repeat, it is a monster.
I found a 1500 Z-1 used less than € 200 but the seller advised me to use my sound - lighting for concerts and evenings of the Z-1200 II and he was right, it m ' returned more expensive (good deal for the seller;)): € 300 but I am fully satisfied, strongly use with my future Geni Oby 3 replacing Futurelight PHS 200 ...
I can not comment on this subject, I have not used enough yet to see reliability ...
Pe a notice in the next 6 months ...