MDG fog Atmosphere APS
MDG fog Atmosphere APS

Atmosphere APS, Smoke Machine from MDG fog.

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jomo59 09/14/2014

MDG fog Atmosphere APS : jomo59's user review

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I use the MDG machinery since 2001, I MDG 5 today, this is probably the best fog machines that exist on the market.

Rugged construction, all "made-in-Canada", these machines are indestructible, economical to run (it consumes nothing ... it does not make sense ...) and most importantly, it generates the finer mist that is.

Particles of 0.6 microns (1.2 to 1.8 against all other machines), it "locks" the air, it spreads wonderfully, and it holds.
It's clean and efficient.

The atmosphere is ideal both for a small room than a large one.
However, if it is a very stale and outdoor place, prefer a Max-Max-3000 or 5000.
For info, between atmosphere, Max and Max-3000-5000 all use the same principle and the same diffuse fog.
- The atmosphere is only small constant flow
- Max-3000 diffuse light enough to flow strong,
- Max-5000 is a kind of "double" max-3000, with two outs.

Essential accessory: the DMX that allows you to enable or disable the remote machine DMX interface.
The atmosphere can perfectly work independently continuously. It is adjusted his delivery, and allowed to charge slowly to his corner without bothering her.

A small wonder.
Since I use the MDGs, I do not know how I did not include made to work with something else, as it changes the life of the lighting ...

There are the MDGs, and far behind, there are all the other fog machines ...