DW Drums Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare
DW Drums Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare

Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare, Snare Drum from DW Drums.

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moosers 07/06/2009

DW Drums Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare : moosers's user review

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The DW Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare Drum is an incredible sounding and looking snare drum.  I've only had the pleasure of seeing and hearing one of these used one time as these are only available by special order and are pretty rare.  I'm not a drummer but a recording engineer and I was astounded with how good this snare drum sounded for recording.  It has an incredibly rich and full sound while still maintaining that snap sound that every good snare drum should have.  Even if you aren't a big fan of Rush or Neil Peart, if you are a drummer or an appreciator of good snare drum sounds, you will love this snare drum.  Since they aren't sold in stores and can only be purchased by special order for an absurd amount of money, I'm not sure that I'll ever have the pleasure of working with this snare drum again, but for the day that I did I was able to get a truly great sounding snare drum sound on record.  I used a standard mic set up for it placing a Shure SM57 on the top and on the bottom and I couldn't believe how great the snare drum sounded both on record and in person.  Since these are so rare and expensive, unless you are professional looking for a top end snare drum, I'd be surprised if you ever had the chance to use this, but if by chance you do like myself make sure to take advantage.  Beyond the incredible sound of this snare drum, it also has a really enticing look with gold rims and a really cool design along the edge of the drum.  If you are a professional drummer that is capable of getting or using this drum I would say to jump at any chance as this is truly a special snare drum.  For the rest of us, look elsewhere as this isn't a practical drum to get!