Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare
Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare

Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare, Snare Drum from Sonor in the Force series.

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le barbu 08/27/2006

Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare : le barbu's user review


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I buy on a whim (heart too!) Because (for the record) to buy a snare n'tait not my physical priorities.

But as I t convinced by the sound of a concert in 3001 and I found it original and natural, so it is with curiosities that I wanted to ask about the ear 3003. And rvlation!

It sounds warm and fine, and trs is enjoyable to play. I played with a taut Coated Ambassador and I must admit that I never tire of hearing it. She knows how to be small and soft, but can also show powerful in rim-shots without becoming dsagrable!
over the "tone" is a super interesting use for the heat of the maple and it tilleuil confrent accents ... chalereux, here!

against by the quality of plastic utiliss me quickly recall that this is not the high end Off topic:
is also excellent in Sonor by the way) / HS] and I do no illusions about the durability of them. Warning, this is not very serious either because I think that the mechanisms should be changed, but to be expected ...

I find his report qualitprix incredible as it is enjoyable to hear and trs has some originality without being CHRE trs. Also, I saw the pros play on the 3001 concert, and rendering was great! So for 3003, no problem operating level on stage!

under the same conditions, this choice I would do without hesitation, but with the experience (and especially the means) is in the higher-end I go see (sound quality issue, to maintain, to durability ergonomic design ...).

is undoubtedly a great deal!

It will be a good 9 to me, because I prfre plastics means and a sound slap the opposite!