Yamaha Peter Erskine Snare 10"
Yamaha Peter Erskine Snare 10"

Peter Erskine Snare 10", Snare Drum from Yamaha.

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Kamakazuu 01/22/2010

Yamaha Peter Erskine Snare 10" : Kamakazuu's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
The fund is available in 10 "and 12" diameter, this review concerns the MODEL 10 ".

10 "x 4", range from Maple Custom.
The was has 3 winds and 2 removable rubber plugs.

I used a year ago I played another 10 ", MODEL custom Phatt.
Indniablement is of good quality, the sound is very slamming, fairly warm, and alive. Nevertheless have if I sold it for good reasons, here are the results:

The pros:
+ Super easy agreement, the tie-haired ragissent
+ Sound very lively, easy use, regardless of the voltage levels
+ Ergonomics thanks to Yess

The -:
- Circles of 1.6 mm, poorly finished
- Dclencheur super hard, yet it remains poorly cleaned disassemble pleasant
- M ****, stamp a strand that breaks every 2 months
- Winds resealable anecdotal, this does not change
- $ 350 new in the U.S., really expensive for what it is
- Suddenly, cte Completely fantastic, overestimates

I finally sold my purchase price, or 140. It is found in the 210 / 250 on the pretext that it is the collector. I find it a shame because he could compare it to other models, it is vastly over-estimated.

I opt for a shot of Pearl 10 "x 4" (150 used), All Maple Shell. Dclencheur perfect (soft, precise), and his identical rglages the Yamaha, and 2.3mm rings true!
I kept my Phatt (Keller was 10x6 "), for fun, and the same, the price o one can find (180), the price of Erskine is enough abuse.

So, I put 5 because the stuff is OK, but too expensive.