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Human Touch Technology HTP3 Darbukator Extreme

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Human Touch Technology HTP3 Darbukator Extreme
News Human Touch Technology HTP3 Darbukator Extreme

Software Arranger from Human Touch Technology

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Human Touch Technology has released HTP3 Darbukator Extreme, HTL1 Oriental Toolkit and two new software bundles, and updated HTP Darbukator Lite to v1.5.

Also, the prices of HTP1 Darbukator Maksoom and HTP2 Darbukator Oriental Beats have been reduced to $79 and $89 respectively (they were $150 each).

HTP3 Darbukator Extreme [$69, Windows, VST]
Priced at $69, HTP3 Darbukator Extreme offers the ability to add solos and improvisations to your percussion tracks. Style banks in Darbukator Extreme contain 2 to 4 styles with the natural progression and bridges from one to another, a complete 24-bit Arabic percussion kit with 4+ hand position for every sound and up to 12 layers.

Main features:

    * New Arabic styles with 4–6 instruments per style (Doholla, Doff, Darbuka, Riq, Sagat, Torah).
    * 2–4 styles per bank for fast changes in a single track.
    * More than 40 playing styles.
    * New Maksoom styles (not included in HTP 1 & 2).
    * 4+1 stereo routable outputs (4 for styles + one for kit).
    * New improvisation banks.
    * Solo banks for Darbuka and Doff.
    * Unusual Darbuka styles and playing techniques.
    * Multi player styles (up to 6 players) for more power and wider sound.

Arabic Kit features:

    * True 24-bit samples.
    * Covered instruments are Doholla- Doff- Darbuka- Riq.
    * Every hit sampled in 2 to 6 hand positions with up to 12 layers.
    * All samples are recorded with the same instruments used for the styles.
    * New unconventional sounds like finger nails.
    * Envelope control for different playing techniques.
    * Compatible with all Darbukator series.

HTL1 Oriental Toolkit [$39, WAV/REX/Refill/EXS/SF2]
Priced at $39, HTL1 Oriental Toolkit offers a set of loops for popular Arabic and Middle Eastern beats (800 MB: WAV/REX/Refill/EXS/SF2).

    * Modern and traditional styles by top players.
    * WAV, REX, Refill, EXS and Sound Fonts.
    * Doholla, Doff, Darbuka and Riq.
    * More than 800 MB in various formats.
    * All the loops (except WAV format) follow the songs tempo.
    * WAV loops recorded in 4 tempos.
    * Every slice programmed with its own sustain and release.
    * MIDI files included for EXS and SF2 loops.

New Software Bundles
In related news, HTT has released two new software bundles:

    * HTP1 Darbukator Maksoom + HTL1 Oriental Toolkit for $99
    * HTP2 Darbukator Oriental Beats + HTP3 Darbukator Extreme for $119

HTT customers (online orders only) will receive:

    * HTP3 for free for HTP2 users.
    * HTL1 for free for HTP1 users.

Changes in HTP Darbukator Lite v1.5:

    * Improved user interface.
    * Added preview (sound check) buttons for each style.
    * Added multi out option (4+1 stereo outs).
    * True 24-bit kit (single layer) with separate output.
    * Envelop and MIDI channel control.
    * Added user friendly on screen help.

Fore More Info: http://www.httmusic.com
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