Musicalis big boss 6
Musicalis big boss 6

big boss 6, Software Arranger from Musicalis.

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fluctus 10/05/2004

Musicalis big boss 6 : fluctus's user review


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Quick and easy installation, software ultra-stable (no problem on a laptop PC 486 DX66 8 MB Ram, same tower Pentium 4 2GHz 512 MB RAM).
Ergonomics is clear to trs a regular arrangers: after returning the information ncessaires, Big Boss himself gnre orchestrations! For a regular squenceurs like me, it took some getting used to take advantage of the soft spcificits.
Online help is succinct but sufficient, even for a nophyte in computer music.


Can not plant it! (Runs without crashing on my laptop PC 486 DX66 8 MB RAM Windows 95, idem Tower Pentium 4 2GHz 512 MB RAM Windows XP). On an old 486, do not abuse the number of MIDI tracks to keep a DBiT rgulier (8 16 depending on the number of notes simultaneously). The software is so optimistic that I think a Pentium 200 or 400 is sufficient for the maximum use of its possibilities.

Big Boss offer: 64 MIDI tracks (it's almost more than enough), a program in real time arranger (impressionnant!), a score editor, a mixer, an audio track.
The only audio track is good to bounce the MIDI tracks, but difficult to use other things. So you have an audi-squenceur numrique to work with orchestrations couraging. IDAL is to use the export function to rework the midifile orchestartions in (Cubase) with more power. Otherwise, a bounce in APRS Big boss can burn directly to his soundtracks / accompaniments: fast and convenient.


I use it since 1999. There is one thing, but it makes good trs: gnrer orchestrations in styles prdfinis, APRS or the self-MODELS CRER se.
The key to a composer of soundtracks for shows like me, same for the sound image, etc.. Great as when working with rappers, as has happened to me: it allows faster work dgrossir trs.
I used a little band in a box (V8?) On Atari, the two are equal, Big Boss offers bonus time rel, which amne comfort and rapidity of work apprciable.

Today I would do this choice, however I will soon buy the latest version.
When you think that this kind of software is sold cheaper than squenceur gave rflchir on the report of qualit-fonctionnalits/prix squenceurs ...