rjeunet 01/24/2013

Native Instruments Komplete 7 : rjeunet's user review

« A vast sonic universe »

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I first fell for Komplete in 2009, when I bought version 5 on sale. I have then followed all updates up to version 7. I was seduced by the sonic quality of the instruments and effects. It's really impeccable. The interface is OK, without being an example of usability. The offer is so vast that can you can lose yourself easily: Almost 8000 instruments and 2000 effects. The versatility of the synthesis (additive, FM, subtractive, granular....) is incredible. The software instruments samples are excellent. Effects cover a wide palette for mixing and mastering, not to forget the extreme effects for artistic experimentation. The percussion lines are countless.
This pack was conceived for studio production with a DAW. It is harder to use live. There are several possible approaches, including Kore 2 Mainstage, Live, etc... But you need a lot of time to program everything.
Despite its superior audio quality, I returned to my all-in-one workstation (Korg Krome). Software instruments require a lot of programming and time to set up. They also lack a more user-friendly interface to allow faster working: Separate applications, too tiny on the screen, no arpeggiator, no dedicated hardware, etc. Machfive or Omnisphere seem to have better, more cohesive, interfaces. Komplete has no iPad-specific interface for all its plug-ins, like Omnisphere, for example.
In short, for creativity, fast working and live: All-in-one workstation. To fine tune an arrangement from the DAW: Komplete.

Sounds, diversity, originality and flexibility: Excellent or almost perfect, 9 to 10
Interface, ease of use, live usage: From fail to good, 4 to 7