Alesis WildFire 30
Alesis WildFire 30

WildFire 30, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Alesis.

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toronado 04/01/2006

Alesis WildFire 30 : toronado's user review


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- It's a transistor amp
- Power 30W
- The integrated amplifier 80 effects (numriques) greened, delay, wha-wha, phaser ...
- There are 12 INTEGRATED distortion (fuzz, rhythm, distortion, lead, overdrive ...)


For a normal sound (clear or distortion) you have to fight three hours with the manual to understand how the thing, I personally have a lot galre to beginners, we just play on 10 parameters in m me time [...] not always evident
This is an amp sound so numrique restitution is not always exactly the same (level agus sutout)
Once we understand the operation we can do a lot of stuff so I was thinking it's worth even when the coup to take the head with the beginners.
The amp can be connected to a switch pedals of an effect of the amplifier to the other, we can program a MODEL (eg clear-clear-fuzz-distortion) to chain effect playing without the need for multiple pedals.


I play many styles of music (rock, metal, heavy) so the range of sounds offer allows me to adapt the rglages
Playing with all other modes can be virtually any sound you want to


I got a nol I have some regret for having took the beginners because of its complexity, but now that I know I'm happy to use it.
I like his versatility, by level against distos to see the diffrence there must be a little more sound, the only problem is acute for ...
I use pedals for distortion with a (also numrique) to get the best sound I find that by the acousitique distortion on the amp it gives a lot!
For 200 I got a correct and versatile amp, I will do it again surra choice.