Emthree Gunner
Emthree Gunner
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mollotof 05/05/2004

Emthree Gunner : mollotof's user review


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Amp transistors (germanium same qd)
50 watts: 2 HP 10-inch
reverb (spring)


Basic configuration:
2 inputs (normal and fuzz)
2 jacks for reverb and tremolo control,
7 knobs: Fuzz, Volume, Bass, Treble, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Depth and Reverb.
In any case, "the rock that's all a fond" seems like Didier Wampas


A Fuzz greasy, and a spring reverb which is good "CHTANG" when you file a shot lattes in the amp.
These amps seem they were used by punk bands for two reasons:
- They were expensive in.
- They sounded very dirty
The true sound of the first punk Vintage reach.


I've had a month and I can not get enough. It was hanging in the basement of a friend who had used it for years as a subwoofer for its chain when y'avait teuf a home. He found beside a remote road in the Vercors (if! If!) Already tinkered like this with two branches Peraves son of HP and coming out the input jack.
J'la has not spun repair Amp loved (Benoit Georges machinery, it is excellent), he rewired everything, changed the connector and it works. ! ! ! !
For 50 euros, I do not see what j'me complain. It's not a Twin Reverb but it works at least as well as some Valvestate! ! !