Fender FM 210R
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iamqman 11/29/2011

Fender FM 210R : iamqman's user review

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Fender has been known to make some very good sounding and high-quality amplifiers. They generally make a clean style amplifier is able to take on effects pedals distortion pedals and overdrive pedals quite well. There's a nice tone that is all to themselves. Given the distinct sound and feel with Fender amplifier's and many other boutique moderate amplifier builders have used these guitars as reference points. This is one of those amplifiers that doesn't sound very good and do not contain any tubes whatsoever.



2 - 10" Fender Special Design speakers
2 channels
Spring reverb
Mid contour switch for variable distortions
Rugged cab with metal-reinforced corners
22-1/4"W x 16"H x 9"D
36 lbs.


If you're looking for a solid-state amplifier on the clean side and I certainly would go with a Roland Jazz chorus. Even though this is to be tremendously cheaper than that amplifier you're not really good to get a great sound to from a solid-state circuit amp. This amp feature 65 W of power and has to 10 inch speakers and it features two channels of operation. In addition has the reverb unit which in my opinion is very good and doesn't sound very natural. I'm not a fan of the distortion from Fender amplifier's in this amplifier continues that feeling. It doesn't sound very good and at best it's extremely buzzy and raspy. You're not really didn't get a great sounding distortion channel from a certain solid-state circuit. They certainly not to get that great of a distortion from any fender amplifier in general. I never liked a Fender OD channel in any of their amplifiers other than their new Eddie Van Halen amplifiers.


Is it the first of been discontinued for some time now but you can find another use market fairly easily. I suggest going with something else other than this amplifier. It doesn't sound that great if you looking for decent practice amplifier that I suggest going with a Roland or maybe a Peavey amplifier. Those ones have a little bit more versatility and options that will get you a better sound and overall quality and sounding jam session.