Fender FM 212R
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Nigel 04/23/2005

Fender FM 212R : Nigel's user review


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So that's a nice amp like any p'tit with a loop on the front end quite handy. it's basic but it's pretty tough (dropped twice its height without bobo ...). We all say the beast next feature I think. His first personal advantage is that it is light enough and that allows me to play repeats strong enough to be heard.


The uitlisation is super simple on the two channels and the booster. There are fast enough to make it sound any ni'mporte Chignole. no need for manual, the conection is laconic but for the price it is an honest amp.


So yeah, the sound is clearly valid. The reverb is interesting enough transparent and workable. Question distortion, well no miracle for me, I think it's a saturation that has not too bad with a good scraper with double-bridge. This is obviously far from saturation even typed tubes by drawing the ear must be serious but it's okay to work or learn in the first amplifier of the world zik. In short, perhaps it is better to hear it before you buy by mail order if it is to make it his main amp.

The big minus is the noise of operation. from the midrange (I usually play 4 or 5) the breath is important and generally certain. I personally do not care because it's not my main amp but for those who want to build a config around him that it will provide him a noise gate. In fact to record is very limited. The uitlité of this amp is my limimte Pénard had to play at home without heat lamps of his favorite receiver, playing in small places without recovery or sound work again.


If one is aware of its limitations, this is a very good buy (€ 300 in Germany guaranteed for 5 years anyway) compared with other transistos amp that will last perhaps as long. Personal I do not have to buy the 50 kgs and trinballer + my pro reverb, I'm not very bothered by his lack of big noise in particular. For the price it sounds good, I think from the perspective of working with low volume or repeat it one of the best amp of the moment.