Fender FM 212R
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Da_gratteux 02/13/2005

Fender FM 212R : Da_gratteux's user review


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Transistor amp, 100 watts, 2 inputs (high gain, low gain) between footswitch input and output effects loop or auxiliary Sonon (speakers) ... CHANNELS: clean, overdrive (distortion type 70's), more drive (distortion a little fat) and a button "mid contour" Pouru no more typical metal distortion and a reverb intgre.
2 hp 12 inch.


Trs use simple, trs rglages not many (one-gualisateur trebble, mid and bass) and three types of distortion is easily thanks to juggle footswitch supplied with the amp.


The amp is very versatile, I play both the good old 70's hard PPRE or metal, the clean channel has a sound quite nice. If you want a good distortion pedals to add a fat distortion, but the channel "more drive" is already well saturated. The clumps are apparent, I use a Squier Affinity (stratode) highs are apparent, as the grave ... so a great versatility and sound "hard rock"
EDIT: I have it al a DOD death metal distortion to the buttocks ... The two big bowls of 12 and 100 watts are in the BPS I play thrash, neo and a little black, the potato is standard, precision, power and dynamic .... Now I use it with a Warlock BCRich, to think one can reduce a low in saturated if we play without pedals, the more drive channel ... I therefore maintain my rating of 10/10!


I use it for one month, the three types of saturation and "mid contour" are very practical and p ermettent get a lot of noise is very simple to use ... I prfre the bandit 112.
Report quality unbeatable price, we have the quality fender for under 400 euros.
For work at home is a bit big but Talagi power is well done so we can work without interfering with the neighbors, it can be used on scne (when you turn the knob volume shows that the power is and it is very well also for group work.
I remake that choice without hsiter!