Fender FM 212R
glutman 08/19/2004

Fender FM 212R : glutman's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bah nivo feature for the price of 350 euro fo admit ke C very foolish to have a 2 x 50 watts with 3 channels (one clear, one more drive one drive) I am a bit heavy to carry looll galley.


The super simple config fo not leave Saint Cyr C lol two channels so bah C bass, mid treble, reverb and voila a drve also forget. cependan I found the setting very coarse precision Manke C button


Mank of caractète for my taste (I use a pedal digitech RP 50 home ca out a good sound very fat with my silverstone Apocalyspe mounted duncan ca mank but of soul KOICA has just be scratching my EM not good ej C myself I following a little disappointed on this point if not distortion pedal with Tré fat (Cannibal Corpse for this one little bah ki know it happened) if the drive and more drive channels are not overpowered franchemen koi ca is the punk and hard rock to drive the more drive, if you play the purchased metal pedal and it comes out a very fat that is the clear sound is bo but suffers a bit rough adjustment of the amplifier for the song is not playing at home then the song EM C hair meadows do not do that with mittens nivo AC power sends a great value for money.


Bah global opinion a very good value for money thank you sir for this beautiful beast fender has a price so ridiculous I sui ke satisfied for the price I paid 350 euros.