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Hughes & Kettner Attax Club Reverb
Hughes & Kettner Attax Club Reverb
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bloodjob bloodjob
Publié le 08/12/13 à 15:12
Value For Money : Excellent
65 watt transistors, equalization on three points, with distortion voicing system for digging or enhance the mids (absolutely brilliant), clean channel, master volume and reverb famous which is amplified by the fact that the amp is almost completely closed behind. Hence the best resonance medium volume. And of course the effects loop that goes. The HP 12-inch wonders.


Super simple and extremely rewarding, this amp is a fucking revelation to me. Not necessarily a fan of tube sound, pissed off by having to play loud and high performance for a decent sound at all lights, my exploration led me on the path of transistors with a kind of simulation lamps, style attax at H & K or with his marshall Valvestate. The side headphone jack, effects loop and versatility of sounds I immediately liked.


That's why I think it is the best value for money today. It goes from clean to super heavy very heavy with a few strokes of knobs. And as long as we have a good Gratounette while there, it sends severe. Pushed halfway to three quarts, the sound is round, full, warm and crunch it. The reverb has not made a fantastic and is a bit long, hollow to me. The distortion sweeps everything. I've always loved to be able to go from a heavy rock to reach the grosgros specific heavy metal, just using EQ, voicing and volume. In rehearsals, no need to lug all the gear, everything was done with. I covered and comfortable drummer who sprinkles as an octopus has the double and the volumes.


After bringing my Valvestate 8080 end of life, and to move on to something more sharp I left on attax series. In Hughes and Kettner amps are made sacred. The attax80 had taped me, the demo made by the seller had completed the urge to go home. But this is by browsing the boncoin that I found this nugget for 150 EUROD totally new. I tried dernierd marshall dfx, the line 6 spider 4 of the vypyr peavey, vox, and I never found it his trademark. Completely in hand, the better and sometimes unfortunately, the H & K are really bluffing. I recently tested the head TubeMeister that blew me away, but I am on the lookout to find me head vortex 100w or better, the warp, which are those who sold me the most dream. In any case, if you find a club reverb in the 100-150 euros depending on the state, you throw it. You will have a pjr amp brawny, well finished and well equipped sound level. In short, the best in my amp to start or not to take the lead.
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