Jim Harley Big-20
Jim Harley Big-20

Big-20, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Jim Harley.

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dexter236 03/25/2007

Jim Harley Big-20 : dexter236's user review


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20W transistor with an HP 8 ". / Out effects loops, the same equalization for clean and distortion (a single distortion). Adjusting gain and volume for distortion, volume and clean for the master general. Bouton presence and reverb (must miss stuff).


Easy to use. One quibble a little bit of everything and go!


Well, I got it 6 years ago, I do not play with but honestly, when I reconnect my Ibanez SZ320 in for kidding, well I'm surprised the clean. Well, it's not Fenderien but the clean is good. The distortion is drinking but it remains small (palm mute almost impossible). Unfortunately, the 8 hp is crap, with a 12pouce the back, there is a way to laugh.

To find his sound, you have to play with the button if present, it was no good I think.


To start there are better, for sure. The HP 8 "is not terrible, it's a shame. I will honestly say that this amp is no worse than another, but for that price, there are ways to beat.

Basically, it's going, neither good nor bad. He that is not too difficult ca go, it's a good lil amp that fulfills it works guitar amp!

Ps: going very well for the song!