Kustom Arrow 16R
Kustom Arrow 16R
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topgun201666 01/11/2006

Kustom Arrow 16R : topgun201666's user review


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A small 15 watt amp but sacred watts. Can connect a hi-fi (taken jak of course) and a headset (not to wake the parents at night when a sudden urge to scratch voud take). Its clean or saturated, an equalizer (bass, middle, high) and a reverb.


Easy to use and simple to understand (despite the instructions in Spanish and English). Plsu typed but his big opportunity to do what you want with a condition of the pedal Avoi adequate.


Perfect for beginners (like me). I use it with an Ibanez GSZ120 allowing asser easy to get a "big" sound but can play other styles of music.


I use it for 7 months and I am very happy. 15 watts but 15 watts good I do not hear me speak when it is half the power. I try a Squier and a total of 2 Ibanez 15 watts but three is the one who had the best sound. Perfect for a small budget (I bought 120euros) and perfect for beginners. If I had the choice again I would not hesitate.