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Theo PB 08/08/2013

Kustom Dart 10FX : Theo PB's user review

«  Small amp for beginners »

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Audience: Beginners
Transistor amplifier, with a power of 15 watts. Suited to play at home at low volume.
The connection is basic: a guitar input, and some additional input / output (headphones, speaker etc).

This amp has two traditional channels: Clean and Lead (saturated)
An equalizer, and a knob Reverb / Delay

The set is simple and basic, no "presence" or "boost" or other effects.


The configuration is of course very fast. One branch, it turns a few knobs, and voila!
The manual provides some details on how to use the amp for beginners (it is in English).


The two channels of this amp are tried separately, as they are unequal.
The Clean is very decent for a transistor in my opinion, it has a volume knob (no gain).
Lead is against bad enough, very cold. You must use extreme EQ (as low thoroughly) to get her a little better. But this channel remains in my mind.

This amp was my first, and I quickly bought a multi-purpose to extend me to new sounds. This amp does me since amplifier itself, I only use the Clean with a flat EQ and no reverb, it fills this role very well.

Moreover, the reverb and delay are frankly mediocre, do not count on it either.

A notice a slight background noise.


I used this amp for about 6 years now (bought new in December 2007), I was able to acquire and use many other amps since.

I've never had a serious problem, just the volume knob of the clean channel that crackles when you turn it.

It is okay to start, but I doubt it is the best, indeed the small palette noise limit very quickly the possibilities of guitar. It is not too expensive, but the price / quality ratio is average in my opinion.

A beginner guitarist seeking motivated and rich sound should rather move to the amp emulation offers more effects, even invest a little more money.

I do not have that choice because with the experience I could play small amps much better for not much more expensive.