Marshall MG10CD
Marshall MG10CD

MG10CD, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

ericthegreat 12/12/2011

Marshall MG10CD : ericthegreat's user review

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The Marshall MG10 CD is a solid state amplifier made in the 1990s. It has 25 watts of power going into 8 ohms. It has a 1/4 input in the front for your instrument. The parameters are pretty basic as it has EQ settings, gain setting, and volume. It also has preset buttons for different strange, that have pictures of various things - like birds, and mushroom clouds or something like that...pretty strange.


The configuration is easy to follow and it is easy to figure out what everything does on this amp. While it is easy to manipulate the parameters, I wouldn't say it is easy to get a good sound out of this, as I really don't like the overall tone of this amp. I don't have the manual, so I can't speak to if it is helpful or not.


I'm not a fan of this amplifier because I don't like the sound of it. For my taste, it is way too tinny and has no girth. It seems to me that during the 90's, Fender kind of dropped the ball with some of their solid state amps. While this is certainly a low end model, I was hoping I would at least be able to get a usable sound from it in terms of its distortion, but really have not been able to. The clean sound is okay, but nothing to brag about. It has four preset buttons, with strange pictures...this part of the amp kind of boggles my mind.


I've had my Marshall MG10 CD for a few years and have come to only use it when I have to, and use it with the clean signal only. It is a usable amp, but not great sounding by any means. Fender makes great amps and guitars, but this is one of the worst sounding marshall amps I have used. While it is cheap, to me its not worth the price as you can find better sounding Fender amps for the same price - basically anything with tubes. Overall, one of the poorer Fender made amplifiers.