Audiofanzine FR 12/30/2010

Marshall MG15DFX : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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Originally written by Nicolas.I on Audiofanzine FR.

15-watt solid-state amp, 3-band EQ, clean and overdrive channels with their own volume setting, phones out, boost switch, reverb, etc.


Very easy to use, no need for the manual. Light weight for easy carrying, not bulky.


Typical Marshall sound. Good clean and distortion sounds, except at high volumes. Not very versatile. Almost impossible to get a crunch sound.


Good for beginners and for practicing without making too much noise, but don't expect to reach sound nirvana ^^
No problems after two years of use. Average value for money (I guess you pay the Marshall logo). You can find a small tube amp for the same price... But this one does the job!