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no-reason05 01/07/2007

Peavey Renown 212 : no-reason05's user review


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- What kind of amplifier? : It's a transistor amp

- What is the power dlivre? : It delivers a power of 160 watts (280 and coupled to another cabinet)

- What are the rglages the effects? : There are 2 channels (Lead Gain and equalization) to integrate the amp distortion and equalization with a volume for its clear, there is also a reverb. The distortion can be used with the footswitch


The config does not pose too much problem

For the sound DSIR it takes a little fiddling the knobs, but ds we understood how the march, there are very easy on happiness.

Regarding the manual, there is not with books but with the amp as indicated below, there is a link pr download this one and everything is clear.


Personally I play metal and this amp is perfect for this type of music, a good big potato (with 160 watts at the same time it is not hard ^ ^), I use a BC Rich Warlock and an Epiphone SG and any two out perfect sound on it.

I use it for the distortion of the amp (very good ) Or my Boss MT 2. The sound is quite precise in clean, that surprised me from a peavey and in terms of distortion, one can pass from the right has a disto disto fat enough Legris.
This amp has beautiful tr_s be good for metal it is almost all styles of music rock typ.


I use this amp for almost 2 years and I am more than happy.

I have tried many other peavey and in this price range (in time) gave me this one seemed excellent.Le gnial report quality price (it cost Faur know that the time the equivalent of 700 euros more.)

With the experience I would do without this choice problem, I am 100% happy!