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M Elise 12/05/2008

Pignose G60VR : M Elise's user review


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I am reviewing the head version (G-60VRH) of the amp which is the same as the combo without the speaker. This is a 60 watt tube amp (2x6L6 tubes) with a solid state rectifier. It also uses 4 12AX7 tubes with three in the preamp and one for reverb. There are 4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs and a series effects loop. There are volume, master volume, treble, middle, bass, presence, and reverb level controls. There is one input with a high and low level switch which I don't understand. There is no jack for an external reverb switch.


This is an ultra simple straightforward tube amp. The coolest thing about it is its compact size and light weight. It is totally unique in this respect for a powerful tube amp. The construction quality is solid but the quality is less than that of a Fender or Marshall amp. The amp would benefit from a jack for an external footswitch to control the reverb. The middle Knob must be kept very low in order to get a good sound. For some reason this and the Pignose GV40 are both this way.


I own this amp and the Pignose GV40 which are nearly the same. Both of these amps are suitable for country, blues, rock and roll and some classic rock. They are not the best if you want to use gobs of distortion. They are like Fender amps with a decent preamp distortion gain for adding bluesy grit or heavier distortion. For some reason the G-60VRH sounds less warm then the smaller GV40 combo. The 60 watt head is cleaner but sounds more sterile. It sounds better than a transistor amp but cold and unmusical in comparison to a Fender blackface Super Reverb. The Reverb is usable.


This is a poor man's Fender that sounds great until you A/B with a good Fender and then you hear its shortcomings. The coolest thing about the amp is its compact size and light weight. It makes for a superb backup amp if you can find one used. This amp is not worth more than $350.00 which is what I paid for it 6 years ago. If your gonna spend more for your main tube amp, look elsewhere. This does make a good inexpensive backup emergency tube amp.