Roland GC-405
Roland GC-405
olix 01/15/2008

Roland GC-405 : olix's user review


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20 W combo (25 W with the additional speaker, GC-405 X).
It has four 5" speakers within a compact housing, it weighs 27.5lbs.
Ideal for your room or a small apartment.
The Tube Logic technology simulates old tube amps.
Clean Channel: Volume
Lead Channel: Pre volume, Post volume
Equalizer: Bass, Middle, Treble
Master: Presence
Connections: Input jack, external speaker jack, headphone output, in/out effects loop (pretty cool for an amp at this price point). Footswitch clean/distortion (optional)
Solid, unbulky amp, well-built, the back is closed.
It isn't manufactured anymore.


Very easy to use: One knob per function.
I use it mainly with a Telecaster '72 Deluxe Reissue (with 2 humbuckers) and I love it. A buddy of mine tried it with a Telecaster '52 and it sounds well, too.
Another friend came with his PRS and it was amazing!
I record the guitar by placing a mic in front of the amp, to capture the sound of the four speakers, the sound is warmer than recording with a preamp. Otherwise, for fat sounds I use the Jekyll & Hyde distortion.
The footswitch allows you to toggle between clean and distorted sounds, but I haven't used it.


Clean sound: Good, rich and warm sound with lots of attack and no noise. Beyond 4 it starts to distort gradually (like a tube amp).
Lead sound: The distortion goes from a bluesy crunch to fat Metal distortions. The Pre and Post volume knobs open up a wide sound palette. The Presence is an effective bonus.
I've had it for six years and it hasn't moved from the studio.
The Tube Logic technology adds a nice "Vintage" touch and the 4 speakers generate more lows than you can imagine.


Some people compare the GC405 with the JCM Dual Super Lead! That says it all. I make pro recordings for Pop-Rock songs and the sound is excellent for that.
I don't have anything to criticize. I have never had the slightest problem with it, it's simply the best amp I have ever heard at this price point.