Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55

Jazz Chorus JC-55, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Jazz Chorus series.

sousleau 03/21/2014

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-55 : sousleau's user review

« Excellent amp »

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It's a solid-state amp, the small sibling of the JC 120. It delivers 2*22.5W stereo, it has two inputs (high and low), a chorus (with two modes) a distortion, and a line out.
3-band EQ, reverb and chorus parameters.


It is extremely easy to use and has a wonderful clean sound (maybe a bit cold). It suits keyboards and guitars alike. There's no need for a manual. The clean sound, with or without chorus, is always amazing. As for the distortion, it is worthy of its bigger sibling: It isn't meant to not be used!


I play jazz and the sound is excellent. It lacks a bit of presence due to the 8" speaker, but it does a fine job with an acoustic guitar!


I've been using it since 2006 and I got rid of it due to lack of space. I miss its clean sounds, its robustness and its chorus (it's also pretty light, which is cool).

If I had to get a solid-state amp, I would definitely get this one, although I wouldn't have any room for it!