Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12
Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12

Power Engine 60 1x12, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Tech 21 in the Power Engine series.

cj0875 04/28/2012

Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1x12 : cj0875's user review

" if only one left ..."

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cfr site builder

his previous propio was used with a tube man Hughes and Kettner


Lightweight, portable, solid manual unnecessary.

reproduces what he branch source preamplified guitar (or not but it sounds vintage.

Purchased to plug a boss me 33 multi effect at that time the boss of JC120 simulation (the only one I 'group was using) is found in magnified.

then I offered him a ToneLab SE and a vamp arrival


nickel it sounds, it took me a year to understand the ToneLab but since it seems even more essential because if the source is good it breaks, it is dynamic.
I keep it because it's good stuff even if he does not like aquarium pumps, the transformer Berhinger or computer on the same multi taken ... lol (I did not try the trick explained in the tip section ...)

the equa in the back is very convenient but it is not made to be constantly thrashing, personal she could correct between my headphone and the REPEAT group presets done at home ..... at the end I retouched more than the preset volume.

Sounds good at low volume


I almost buy a 2 nd

I plugged it in with the ToneLab split in the loop of my Blackstar, it sounds and AC buzz and not with a stereo effect is hot: it's as good as the power stage of which has a HT5 fi-inspired lamp circuit it seems.

I put both a 3/4 of its power well we got on the other side has his guitar and JCM900 .... that was rather my fingers lem .... lol

if I should sell an amp I will sell faster my Blackstar HT5,