Vantage VG-30R
Vantage VG-30R
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abinaya 11/27/2006

Vantage VG-30R : abinaya's user review


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Everything has been said in the previous opinion, very simple amp with a line out anyway that can help out in the sound bar and magnify the sound without taking the head .. EQ settings quite effective, may even be used for a bass player (already done) ultra tough, all cash - even the falls ....


I possessed for 6 years and I rediscovered recently to play in Paris where the soundman Caf'Conc imposed a drastic limitation of watts and would not hear of big amps, so, thought of my Vantage g I am brought back into repeated. and there we all were amazed!
There is however a trio, the bassist has a 5 cord and active slap much, our drummer has forearms of lumberjacks; Well this sends impec Vantage, obviously I do not use it but the distortion of a tube 999 coupled King with Sd-1, no complaints, on a volume to 4 / 5, that oatmeal!!
Tube and coupled with the distortion of the amp is not bad either!
His impeccable clear, neutral, effective reverb.


I mainly play a JCM800 2203 head ... well I have not found lost with this little thing! Nothing to do with the crappy Peavy Bandit by ex.qui sizzle instead of saturating even with proper pedals.


Frankly, I had paid 650 balls. and for that price, for use in bar plugged into the sound system, with 1 or 2 good pedal, c of the ball!