Kurzweil Micro Ensemble
Kurzweil Micro Ensemble

Micro Ensemble, Sound Module from Kurzweil.

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Claudeze 04/13/2005

Kurzweil Micro Ensemble : Claudeze's user review


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I use it as a sound bank with a master keyboard, period. (Ie, editing and manipulation do not interest me much learned here, all the better because there is no possibility of editing!)

Display either the bank or the No. instrument (not practical because the display does not go that far
16 in chanque bank (designated by a letter) and such while the midi instruments in this case are numbered from 1 to 128 ... curious, and certainly not practical at all to select instruments with a MIDI keyboard, unless to have a well-designed for this model (which is not the case of my PC-180A that does not even display)


The manual is inadequate because it does not detail the possibilities of MIDI, but just
Leading from the front (quite simple and easy that said) against the other, no memory so ...
completely rebuild each time. No mute (too bad especially when multiple devices are connected, we must turn down the volume to minimum (to keep the public through)
Organization patches bizarre instruments are classified by type in banks (16 per bank) So OK for selection by the facade. on the other hand midi instruments 1 to 8 are on the bank 0 and those of 9 to 16 of the bank 6 ... super convenient, everything is disorganized and delayed!


Sounds good to very good average. That said I bought this unit mainly for acoustic pianos and this means I say, because they are slightly too light or too muted (to my taste) and all come from the same samples. In addition, I found a very (very) slight disagreement between some perceptible notes (only on acoustic pianos) that bothers me a little solo play (unless it is me who has an ear problem, also possible; -)
I prefer the one from my old piano SC-55 mkII, I wanted to replace it yet ...
But it is a very good anyway! (See other reviews say it all)


The instrument air out of the seventies ... and look at the savings were apparently made on the right and left (views, functions, memory), but Essenciel is there: the sound!