Kurzweil Micro Ensemble
Kurzweil Micro Ensemble

Micro Ensemble, Sound Module from Kurzweil.

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tonton erno 06/26/2003

Kurzweil Micro Ensemble : tonton erno's user review


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The Microensemble is a splendid instrument unfinished. It is a sound module, period, line.


I always wonder what goes into the head of a commercial firm to add was reluctant is a knob, a shortcut, something human. No doubt they will say: you have to justify our prices (discounts for hardware). In Kurzweil, it lacks a middle (the PC2R, the double). It said so much, missing effects (sounds of rhodes are good, but the machine does not provide the proper effect). The edition does not exist and the data is too hard potentiomtre: will he last?. Besides, have coordinated movements so as not to mislead you in your queries. Fortunately, with a keyboard matre, has little to do ...


I bought this unit to sound. Just for the sound. My record is - in particular - that of the ambient (Massive Attack, Sakamoto, etc.), he does invent the machine. The register is also Soul Funk blues. Lches to play harmonies, the piano is gnreux and warm. Of course, 16 mega is not Giga, but the report is INTERESTED. I am a pianist particulirement picky and I support that for the scne, do not invest more (a Yamaha 2000 euros will not sound better but pass). 32 for piano (not even if there are often variants of the same sample), the purity of the bass and mids and the overall balance is bluffing m me if I have to admit dfaillance agaante in the octave is below the C4 (for more, there are no miracles, you need a piano or soft). The Rhodes are trs prcis (but unfortunately there is no real movement of his CHARACTERISTICS at Rhodes, there is no effect). Tablecloths and strings are simple and beautiful (lack of pan), the sounds of drums and percussion are excellent, the scattman is INTERESTED. Otherwise, it pouet pouet (Kurzweil organs do not care about our face) ...


I have the expander recently and I am reassured (I feared the gadget). Being given the price of 450 euros is a sound module and Rhodes piano properly (Roland and Yamaha are not better, Korg do not talk about). It's small, compact, glove for scne (I think that is enough even if I guess the PC2R, given its technical possibilities, has effects and layers most successful yet). But we have the money that a. ..