Kurzweil MicroPiano
Kurzweil MicroPiano

MicroPiano, Sound Module from Kurzweil.

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nico21120 10/06/2005

Kurzweil MicroPiano : nico21120's user review


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32 non ditables sounds (pianos, electric pianos, organs, and tablecloths), some effects (combinations of reverb and chorus)
MIDI IN 1 + 1 through
2 output jacks (L + R)
knob a volume (which also switch) + 1 knob to select, quautre buttons (this unit does not suffer from problem of acne)
And then it all and just


Nothing could be simpler in terms of configuration
Manuel clear, but almost useless
It's plug and play plug and play from home, you plug the keyboard matre, a System to add sound and then a walk, play. There is no need to have an IQ of 160 or shoots of technical knowledge to use the micro-piano. For résumé, say that it is an expander for a musician, not a programmer.


There are some good piano sounds classic, trs good bass and treble, a little on mtalliques mdiums (as a result, a quick reminder that we are on the numrique), but it ' trs is when even well overall and go anywhere in terms of styles of music.
Good electric piano sounds, and numriques (DX7 style, but personally I am not a fan), too bad that he n 'there is no sound of Herbie Hankock and others.
Organs trribles not, but hey as 'call micro-organ instead of piano micro-there' s have to brag (to be seen with effects).
Finally, tablecloths and nice combinations piano + sheet


It's been a little less than a year that I owns and enocre much I use, so it's easy and good quality. In fact, the principle of a sound module offers especially good keyboard sounds (even when it's this that there is more natural when playing the keyboard ...!), And few coteux I think now too little achievement by manufacturers, and it is a pity with the current technology (micro-piano, Luii has today more than 10 years). So I have not tried to other models competing, because there is no competition, or too little if it HOLDS modules to piano sounds.
We find still opportunity for about 200, which gives a quality-price ratio INTERESTED but it's even a device Aging.
I would do this choice, yes, because I have not found anything that would work better what I needed, not without feeling, at the price, to invest in a piano ...