Roland SC-8850
Roland SC-8850

SC-8850, Sound Module from Roland.

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phenaste 01/10/2012

Roland SC-8850 : phenaste's user review

«  A big box sounds. »

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So it is not an expander rack.
At the time the features were more attractive:
128 voice polyphony, 64-channel sound recovery of SoundCanvas SC-55, SC-88, SC-88Pro.
2 MIDI In to manage up to 32 channels live.
1 USB port to handle up to 64 channels.

In total almost 1800 sounds plus drum kits.
In short, a box full well.

The problem is the RCA connector, which is not the standard of the world musicians.


The configuration is done with the buttons on the front.
Better not to have to change settings during a live, but otherwise the menu editing sounds and effects are relatively simple.

At that time the manuals provided were complete and properly translated.
Today the manuals are complete only in electronic form ...

What is more disturbing is the volatile memory of the device. To maintain the complex settings, it is necessary to keep the configuration SysEx.


The sounds provided are a cut above the SC-88Pro, at least it is not stolen, it is a new product.
Some sounds even offer two joints which is new for SoundCanvas.

All sounds are susceptible to modulation, pitch bend, volume, pan, expression, etc ...

It may be added in addition to the classic Reverb, Chorus, Delay an additional effect from fifty effects (including multiple effects). However this effect is global and applies to all parties having the additional effect EFX activated.

Although the sounds are not highly realistic, they agree most of the time.
I was able to play the orchestral scores with some forty instruments! Play as many instruments UPS is already impressive.


I have the expander for over 10 years now.

I had a SC55, the first expander to the standard GS.
This is me walking around I came across it. In view of the characteristics I flashed!

I still serves today. For programming, I developed a small tool to simplify the preparation of split on different MIDI channels. I am obliged to carry around with ALESIS DataDisk to send the configuration to the beast.

During a rehearsal ', we were frenzied party on Stand By Me, where I, with the multitude of sounds, played reggae version (organ), country (banjo), hard (guitar saturation), Symphony ( violins), Cajina (violin fiddle), techno (the synthetic).

There was never any update of the product, and I never found any fault.
Despite the connection seems a bit light for a musical instrument, the product remained almost new.

We can not talk about the quality / price ratio as the product is still another time. But the choice I would do without hesitation.