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Sabian AA Splash 8"

Splash Cymbal from Sabian belonging to the AA series.

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Publié le 12/01/10 à 13:50
The Sabian AA Splash 8” is a mini cymbal that is designed to be played in the context of a full drum set. I’m not a drummer, but an as an audio engineer I’ve worked with all different types of drum sets and cymbals and have developed a pretty good ear for what sounds good, or at least I’d like to think so. The drummer who I’ve worked most closely with throughout my recording career has one of these cymbals, although he doesn’t always use it on his kit. This isn’t your traditional cymbal as splashes by definition are a lot higher pitched and can almost be a novelty cymbal at times. As the name states, the diameter of this cymbal is 8”, making it quite small when compared to your average crash or ride cymbals. Most drummers won’t have this kind of cymbal in their kit, but it can be nice to have for an extra color to through in every now and again. When we record with this cymbal we generally will either keep it set up and he’ll use it here and there, or we’ll pick and choose where we think it might be appropriate. In other words, it’s not the type of cymbal that you’re going to be hearing in every song. I guess you could, but in my opinion it would get kind of annoying. The Sabian AA Splash 8” in particular is well built and has a crisp tone overall. It doesn’t have a very high price tag, as most splash cymbals won’t. Sabian is one of the best when it comes to getting quality cymbals for reasonable prices, and although I haven’t used all that many other splash cymbals out there, the Sabian AA 8” Splash is definitely one worth considering if you’re in the market for a well priced splash cymbal.
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