DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand
DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand

Tripod Mic Boom Stand, Stand & Rack from DR Pro.

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moosers 11/03/2010

DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand : moosers's user review


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The DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand is a simple, but extremely sturdy and effective microphone stand for all applications. The setting that I’ve used these stands in has been in the recording studio, as the studio that I work at has a few of these on hand. When micing up drums, these stands are usually the first to come out for the microphones that call for a stand like this. It’s definitely going to be hard to find a sturdier stand than this one, as it’s built incredibly well. It’s very easy to adjust it according to what you need, which isn’t always a given with microphone stands. I can’t say that it has an special features that really make it stand out from the crowd other than it’s overall incredible build, and really what more can you ask for in a mic stand? The DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stands aren’t going to be very cheap because of this great construction, but if you’re looking to add some stands to your professional studio where you’re going to be using them to hold up thousands of dollars in microphones, you might think twice about investing in a mic stand like this one that will last a lifetime and give you exactly what you need day in and day out. It’s not something that would necessarily be needed in a smaller home studio or something of the like, but no matter what the setting it’s still going to a good idea. I can’t imagine these lasting any shorter than a lifetime as long as you treat them right, so really if you consider that the cheaper stands out there are going to most likely break at some point, it makes a lot of sense to invest in stands like this one. Of course I’d recommend spending your money first on the proper microphones, but once you’ve got some nice mics it’s a great idea to pick up a few of these stands to insure safety with them.