Millenium SR-2018
Millenium SR-2018

SR-2018, Stand & Rack from Millenium.

kinder_guano 08/23/2006

Millenium SR-2018 : kinder_guano's user review


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Furniture rack enough low-end steel tle 18U high, 42cm deep approximately.
Made in China.
It looks to be sold by Thomann ( ) only.
18U to 115, was going pretty good.
Games glissires for racking the front and rear, convenient to set firmly enough drawers and shelves rtractibles (pedalboard, mixing desk trays, etc.)..
Glissires of plants are Submitted, To insert the tab for maintaining product Racker long enough, as some pramps. They are then not held by the 4 screws faade.

The hics:
- Really low-end hardware tin, in short supply and more ... And size of holes in the glissires is a bit btard with screws and bolts bought more in the same mag ', these holes taient Troit too, had to file them by a one to enlarge a little ... pffffffff ...
- 60kg max weight support, but not forget to include the weight of the same piece of furniture he is say 20 kg. I was not careful, I loaded 45 kg of stuff>> a broken wheel under the load ... Ms. 60kg, saw the wheels famliques, I think it is not possible.

Fortunately, the bousin is also supplied with plastic feet, especially Thomann has a stock of wheels for sale (REFERENCE 174,978 for control, since it is not visible on their site). Otherwise, a ride home Casto to find more sturdy wheels.

In short, if you care not dead, we use only the screws provided, was worth a shot. Otherwise, be b'en rpart two rack (which I'm going to run) and fiddle.
But frankly it's not expensive compared the meager competition for such products.
Edit of 23/08/2006:
B'en carrment is the lottery ... I just received a deuxime SR-2018, stamped "Made in Europe". The hardware is no tinkering and no longer toc, wicker covers the vent on the furniture ct diffrent shape and number ... While I do not like cel ... gure