Millenium WM300
Millenium WM300

WM300, Stand & Rack from Millenium.

RaphRaymond 08/22/2007

Millenium WM300 : RaphRaymond's user review


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Speaker stand monitor to € 35 on the internet. We are not in the high end but it's his taff '. It is very heavy and very stable, the base triangle is quite convenient for slipping through the furniture, there are little feet in Voss in the triangle to have a horizontal base. The thread is long enough to have a good margin as long as the soil is already quite right. The feet can be adjusted in height by means of a screw hole under 5 I think. The holes are spaced about 10cm. This may be a bit much because we often found in a position to be too high or too low. But varying between standing and lying position of the speaker gives the other height intervals.
The instructions are succinct hyper is a wave pattern broke no part number and with representation that is too small they can be blended. But once you get your hands dedant or how fast is up. Good to the end I was left parts ... but I had nothing to get ... weird.
In short, low-end, but it is moving. The speaker stands are useful if you have too many serious that resonates in your furniture, if your console is too much reflection, if you know where to put your speakers. Against by careful, if you have "small" monitor MSP5 kind, you may have a more aggressive sound and without much serious when they are on foot, it's sometimes good to the sound resonate a bit in the timber a piece of furniture. Pro8 with me that are naturally generous serious, they behave much better on foot.