Thon 3U ECO compact
Thon 3U ECO compact

3U ECO compact, Stand & Rack from Thon.

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pilip 05/10/2009

Thon 3U ECO compact : pilip's user review


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The ECO range differs from the standard range of plastic surfaces a little cheap (for wood surfaces (?) On the standard range)

In the end, this little rack is really solid because such orders are reinforced as the standard range. The plastic is all the same brands in spurts but it takes to use fixed (or low mobility) is a good compromise because AC is often not put more than 100 € in an empty cube!

In addition, the range is compact months deep, perfect for rack sound card or multi-effects, which often barely a third of the depth.

conclusion: perfect for someone who needs to spend in the rack without "too" sound!

(I put 9 because even at 60 € AC is too expensive!)