Apex Guitars delta kamel chenaouy
Apex Guitars delta kamel chenaouy

delta kamel chenaouy, STC-Shaped Guitar from Apex Guitars.

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anthrax04 08/04/2011

Apex Guitars delta kamel chenaouy : anthrax04's user review

«  Its a good little guitar for every flake »

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I think manufacturing is because the French designer Kamel Chenaouy is French, it is provided with a unique vibrato spring and a fixed bridge, the driver handle is carved into the ground as they say in 24 frets with a neck pickup and bridge pickup design chenaouy APEX brand, has a tri-selector, two volume knobs / pickups for every tone, a third knob, can develop a battery of different sounds, they are three switches slightly changing the sound according to their uses.


Channel rather late, finishing varnish is clean and beautiful and makes it very soft to the touch, it is cut to fit all body types, the particular form it remains a heavy can, access is easy but the treble guitar difficult to properly ring (tension of the neck, bridge? mine dates back to 80 so I do not know)


At first glance the look she is more inclined towards the fans of hard rock, heavy, glam metal, or the warrant, guns n roses, whitesnake or helloween, the sound is good, clean, it is clear and precise Assé but still slightly muffled, as if one can hear the melody of a harpsichord through a fine glass, both for the neck pickup that bridge, the lead sound (or crunches) in trouble from the genus "big metal ", you make the most of the heavy, you have correctly set Assé sounds loud but very precise as well, which can easily play the Led Zeppelin for example, it is possible to output harmonics, and even make frenzied solos or else the good riffs blues guitar hot enough of this type.
Anyway I will emphasize the lack of punch that suffers because of the age of the animal.

ps: I play a Peavy Bandit 112.


I use it for the past 4 / 5 years, it belonged to my uncle who has offered me.
What I love: The Looook! sensual, finishing of excellence, great signature by a great master of the violin, sounds very bluesy rock'n'roll
What I regret: it is a serious lack of punch from the microphone and the high notes and friezes for likely causes of poor adjustment of the bridge to be seen!

I do not know the price of nine, but I know it's good "cam" if I had the means I could buy me dozens of the same brand ^ ^