Baltimore Stratocaster
Baltimore Stratocaster

Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Baltimore.

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dreamsloves59 07/02/2005

Baltimore Stratocaster : dreamsloves59's user review


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I do not know where she was probably manufactured china japan
3 micro 22frets simple as any replica fender
there is a rglage volume 2 tone and 5 for the micro slecteur
the handle is lgrement bomb which facilitated the Learning beginners when I put that 7 / 10 because a c is just a copy of the finish are not really super worth more to open the pa


The handle is really the best thing about the guitar is really great it slides over APRS trying scratched moynne range I can say that the top handle is toppp dfoix is ​​better than that costs Gratt 3 foix more expensive but hey there's also the best
Access in the treble is great because of its shape comes easy j has played in 22
the guitar is very well balanced and compar ad another guitar game c bottom of timber (certe shit) while the estimate tends lgrement by a horse (yet happy) but well its not pose a problem c is mainly the jack and the strap for rear acroche
Sound is good to have a hard enough but it has enough force Vitter for when the ISP is more stile of music


My style is the zic trs varied and sometimes follow me good j is planning to have a true rock scratched a epiphone sg if I find it versatile but hey do not push it either but its good for a beginner will be super
I play with a johnson amp 15watts is its going well
the big problem of the guitar he took the microphone is great that he dison grsille bcp good infact but there happens to have a corect same quantity


Its been 10 months since I used the
To tell the truth if a re-j s tai aur took a direct real Gratt as a branded super market even if it's good démerder plustot blaze begins quantity has conaitre
That is the advantage of the guitar s neck is great and good mcanique
blem c just the mics but if we start to pa's money is a good choice