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MGR/Brian 03/01/2003

Carvin DC135 : MGR/Brian's user review

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I got this guitar from a friend and former bandmate of mine at church. I bought it because it was the most beautiful electric guitar I had ever seen and because it had such a good sound. I bought it for $700. It was originally purchased brand new from the Carvin factory for $1300.

I like evrything single thing about this guitar. The neck action is so low and so fast. I can get nearly any sound out of this guitar that I want to. It has a bridge humbucker and 2 single coils. The humbucker gives a very fat, full, rich tone(distortion or no distortion), and the single coils are so clean and clear sounding. No noise from any of the pickups(no matter how much overdrive you put on it). The humbucker also has a switch that turns it into a single coil. Very useful for getting Stratocaster or Telecaster sounds. The neck through body design gives incredible sustain and makes it so much more easy to play. The tremolo is the best I've seen. Stays in tune better than any Floyd Rose(you can even get a Floyd Rose or a fixed bridge if you want to). The tilt back headstock design eliminates the need for a tuning tree like on Strats and Telecasters, which results in excellent tuning. Not only does it have 24 frets but the action at the 24th fret is just as low and easy to play as it is at the 3rd or 5th fret. That gives you more things to play so you dont just stay in the first 8 or 9 frets and get boring with your playing(I find myself doing that when I play other guitars). Intonation is perfect. Play a note anywhere on the fretboard and it will be perfectly in tune. There will never be any need to adjust your neck or anything else on the guitar (like you have to do with Strats and Les Pauls many times)because the technicians at the Carvin factory guarantee that they have set everything to where it is the easiest possible to play. Intonation, action, truss rod, string saddles, pick up height and everything are already set up to the best possible specifications. Another one of the best things is that you custom order a Carvin direct from the factory. There are hundreds of options that you can add(pickups, tremolos, colors, finishes,electronic options like switches and tuners). They are a true "custom guitar". They make the guitar for you exactly how you want it.

There is absolutely nothing I do not like.

The quality is top notch. There is no higher quality.

It will always amaze me why people love Strats, Telecasters and Les Pauls so much(most of them have never played a Carvin). It will always amaze me why people spend so much money for them. If you're paying $1500-$4,000 for a Les Paul or $300-$2,000 for a Stratocaster or Telecaster then you're getting ripped off. Carvin takes all the most popular designs of guitars and improves them dramatically. They make PRS style guitars, Les Paul style guitars, Strat and Telecaster syle guitars all with major improvements on things where those other guitars are lacking. Many of the things they've improved you don't even realize until you own a Carvin. Carvins are the best. They are all I'll ever play. Go to and custom order you a guitar or bass and try it out for 10 days(they give you 10 days to try it out from the time you get it till the time you send it back and if you don't like it after 10 days they'll give your money back) and see if you ever go back to playing other guitars. I don't think you will. I sure didn't.

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