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Z3r0 08/30/2009

Charvel CH4 : Z3r0's user review


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Apparently, it's a guitar made to US
-It has 22 frets, two pickups and a Jackson Jackson single double active in the bridge position
Bridge-Jackson, licensed Floyd Rose, very effective power cord
-1 Volume, 2 tone, 3 switches ON / OFF (1 for each pickup)
-Maple neck thin enough and fast key rosewood frets Jumbo (large) and I-pearl inlays in shark teeth.


-The handle is very nice and well finished, the varnish is excellent.
-Access to treble is good.
-The shape is very well suited for games and sitting upright, for against the weight, ouch ouch ouch! (But hey it's not real wood plywood éhhé!)
-This guitar sounds very good in general, I use pots with a bottom, no specific settings.
For use, the big plus is the on / off switch for the microphones that allow complete freedom of combination of positions. (Eg, all together, one by one, etc ...) In addition, this system is very convenient to cut short the sound of the guitar without using the volume knob
She would like very much the agreement thanks to its power cord and floyd works very well and is very pleasant to use especially as the whammy bar screws do not fit but as a jack (great huh?)


- It's a fairly versatile guitar, even though it sounds extremely good for metal, I play pop-rock metal with electro and I do not need to change his guitar for a nice and clean that sends a distortion!
-I play with the scratches by taking 10.46, connected to an ENGL and it rocks. The gain of ENGL at 2 in the lead channel and a distortion already monstrous jai, jai compared with a conventional skyscraper and I can not find as many potatoes and energy.
-We get a little bit of everything with this guitar, a rich and pleasant clean neck pickup to a crunch in very Péchu pickup and with a good distortion amp nickel is for all types rock to metal, the sound is energetic and set attacks and in the pure harmonic.
Still, it's still a very rich bass guitar and can get a little overwhelming on this point is be careful to not over exaggerate on eq


I use it for 5 years and although I sometimes questioned by believing in lack of clarity or other reasons, in fact I realized that the more I increased in the range of amp etc and she followed and what was the height.
- What jaime most about this guitar is his personality look, sound and more like the little switch and whammy bar. I have a Charvel will fly with and it is very convenient. I like the least weight but at the same time is a guarantee of quality.
"I have used many models before they have even today and find the same quality I would have put an excessive price in most makes and jai still hard to get used to other sleeves less pleasant, less cared to finish etc. ...