Charvel Fusion Custom
Charvel Fusion Custom
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ctrl_alt_suppr 12/24/2006

Charvel Fusion Custom : ctrl_alt_suppr's user review


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priori factory in Japan (trs is difficult to obtain information about the Charvel). The neck has 24 frets and the guitar has three double-coil pickups (though small are double) and a Floyd. At rglages are Submitted a volume knob and a knob of slecteur Tone and 5 positions. The handle is screwed and little more, a holder for allen key is Submitted to the rear of the head.
Microphones and are brand mcaniques Jackson.


Channel trs enjoyable, Most recent internship frets are easily accessible. Question her, you feel the guitar vibrate when you play with Blue Steel: I love it!


Question her, even when it's more suited mtal that Reggae (Jackson microphones require): perfect with the 8080 as well as with Guitar Rig. With Blue Steel (I swear by these strings) the sound is quite bright and can venture onto land more bluesy.


I love my guitar! Do not look: I do NOT sell!