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pOpOibanezRG 11/02/2006

Cort G200 : pOpOibanezRG's user review


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Audience: Beginners
-Made in Indonesia
-Body Agathis
-Maple neck
-22 Rosewood boxes
-3 Microphones simple Powersound
-1 Button and a volume knob tone
5-way switch-
Full-Action II tremolo
-22 Frets
I put 6 as the vibrato Disagree very souvent.Un pretty good run anyway.


As mentioned previously, the handle is comfortable, it glides well.
The access is facilitated by the sharp cut sides (nothing extraordinary, what a Start )
Ergonomics is not bad at all, except when playing standing up, the left hand is not very comfortable (an adjustable strap required)
I use it for two years (I'll take an ibanez RGA121 VLF (prestige: D)) and is great for beginners.
Big flat, if you do not give, learn and then buy a tuner, pasqu'il could you get to spend more time playing than the grant (Thank vibrato)
Another shortcoming is the position of strap-lock (the left), it is located under the guitar that can do the switch if you do not have a good sangle.En sitting, it is embarrassing, it is even difficult torso.
It happened to me one of the springs holding the bridge, on guitar, lâche.Ce is not a big deal but it is quite annoying.
I put 7 anyway.


This is a copy of Start (entry level), it is quite polyvalente.Je used with a Laney MXD 15W.Le its not too bad, but it is not great in distortion, see quite filthy.
In clean it really is a beautiful sound I think, fairly soft and round, especially if you put the selector on the mic manche.C is one of his best asset.
The tone hurts the ears when tested thoroughly.
Mine has a manufacturing defect ("normal is a Cort G200" will you tell me), the 16th fret of the E string is too acute elevated compared to that of the 15th, suggesting a sizzling when 'This one plays more Sol.De means even more ground, but a G-sharp! I had to raise my strings from the guitar to remove this problem, which is boring to play because you have to press them.


I use this guitar for almost 2 years and I love it demi.Ce versatility in styles of music despite a very nice distortion sound (microphones). For cons, the clean is fine for a low gamme.Le of vibrato is no suck, the finesse of manufacture is rough, the materials not Hendrixiens (I know, it's beautifully said) but the handle is nice, so a pretty good ergonomics and a guitar that sounds all the same .
Quality / price ratio almost unbeatable (you never know if better).
With the same experience I had 2 years ago (not what), I would do the same choice, and the guitarists herbs, take apart if you have a bigger budget!
Do not keep more than 3 years, you get tired of you and your ears.
With the improvement, it could become pretty good scratches cte.
So, It's time to Rock!