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Hachd 07/11/2004

Cort X-6 : Hachd's user review


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Made in Korea, it has a handle 24 cases, a floyd under liscence, to Tone a push / pull and a slecteur 5 positions. My rating not seem leve, but a comparative note guitar same budget ...


A round rather enjoyable, is rather flat raprochant some Ibanez. CHAC will have to treble very easy. the contour of the body is comfortable for the game trs The sound is somewhat surprising because with three microphones Corenne bill would be expected to have a sound a little chick! 2nd printing given the design of the guitar could have this guitar in the catalog gatgorie mtal! Well, no, the mics sound properly and the sound palette is vast asssez 5 via the switch positions and push pull. My only complaint is that the lack of dynamic microphones from the Di Marzio or SD. But considering the price of the guitar should not ask for the moon, and already it sounds just fine, even when a small BMOL for micro split singles, this lack of slamming and finesse, but these positions can be used for a few are working.


The field of this guitar is music even when a pe biting. It comes trs well with its large saturated or micro ragisse rather well. Its clear we prferera used microphones in position to double a little more bite and roundness. The floyd is quite limited we must avoid to push these defenses if keeps the tuning! In normal use it will fill parfaitementson role.


To conclude it is a guitar that dchire level qualitprix / mouth as often with the Cort. Trs cool handle and ultimately play a fun guitar to play. Trs a good choice for guitarist with a budget limit or otherwise for the guitarist who find one of OCCAZ and the team of two di Marzio (tone zone and fred) getting the big sound at half the price of a more expensive guitar.