Fender Hot Rodded American Strat Texas Special
Fender Hot Rodded American Strat Texas Special

Hot Rodded American Strat Texas Special, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender.

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Linn Sondek 06/03/2013

Fender Hot Rodded American Strat Texas Special : Linn Sondek's user review


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Manufacturing USA.
Easel standard vibrato. Alder body Strat like any good self-respecting.
It was an American Standard "upgraded" from a kit Custom Shop pickups, the Texas Special.
So she had all the characteristics of an American Standard.


On a beautiful 3 tone sunburst, with a rosewood fingerboard, Strat enjoyed this beautiful wood and a perfect finish, as always with Fender U.S.. Ergonomics is that of a Strat: did they do better?
The particularity of this guiatre therefore resided in his kit microphones. The Texas Special offer higher than the U.S. Standard microphones but also a more acidic and rough both character level. The bridge pickup has never convinced me, not that it is bad but it does not fit what I was looking for a Strat.
It is finally here the Strat that I liked the least, but I say again, not that it was bad-far from it-but it has proven, over time, as finally corresponding not to sound as I affectionnais.


The "spicy" side of the Texas Special pickups is ultimately not my cup of tea. However, this guitar can play in different styles and for some that adheres to sound character, stands out as a great Strat.
She excelled in the intermediate positions, where I found this beautiful clean Stratocaster sound. As I said, the pickup finally not suit me at all and the neck pickup did not have this "fluted" character I was looking for and which one usually expects from a Strat.


I did not keep very long this guitar. My opinion is personal and in no way do I want to say that this is a bad Strat.
This is about a typical hyper Statocaster, you just need to know. When tested in store, we can only be conquered by its very flattering sound. It just should be more careful than I have been and to do well compared to other Strat during the test, something I had not done, thinking, no doubt, know too well these guitars .
There is no doubt that an amateur blues-rock will find happiness with Texas Special because I think this is where it excels musical register.