Fender Stratocaster Antigua
Fender Stratocaster Antigua

Stratocaster Antigua, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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bobmorane06 05/27/2006

Fender Stratocaster Antigua : bobmorane06's user review


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Made in the USA, my MODEL 1978, 22 frets, original Fender bridge standard slecteur 5 positions, round button in bne. The guitar pictured is mine. Vibrato Keller replaced by a high-end 80s.
Note: I note my own guitar in those years because of the diffrence normment a guitar the next, and notes are given with all the changes that have contributed t es this guitar ...


Channel enjoyable but also with a strat latest issue (95) I recognize that this is one more round pais, matter of habit. Weight lgrement more lev stratos that new, but the price paid for a diffrence in sound between an old and a new stratosphere.
On this guitar I have a range of ten to the sounds DIFFERENT ds cblage done on this guitar (pickups acute Fat Strack Di Marzio, simple double coupling of the two microphones extme with inverter phase ) so yes I get great sounds.


It's a Stratocaster, so dj sounds original go anywhere and I get even with my big sound Di Marzio.
I play on a branch Vox ADV 120 .... Possibility of all types of sounds.
I like the sound of the bridge in micro intermdiaire simple phase inversion with the microphone in the middle of a crystal-clear sound.
His dtest I? ........ What is this?


Buy Used 1980 (3000 F) is my guitar brand Premire APRS bought a new 2 Lead 2 years ago, I sold quickly to buy it.
I had time for a dlaisse Vigier Excalibur, but one day I stood out and I was reminded of this qu'tait a real guitar, although the Vigier is a good trs lgre guitar and enjoyable.
The relationship qualitprix does not arise, because even in 2000 I did not sell.
I do it again this choice without hsiter (may be I will not get it traffics to the hill collection). The only minor complaint is that I will make the weight ... that's a. ... 8.