Fender American Stratocaster [2000-2007]
Fender American Stratocaster [2000-2007]

American Stratocaster [2000-2007], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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seso 07/31/2005

Fender American Stratocaster [2000-2007] : seso's user review


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Amricaine Stratocaster. The MODEL is the most basic stratum that can be said that the strata as we manufacture for the past 51 years. The great classics are CHARACTERISTICS: nanmoins few reminders:

-3 Single coil pickups american sries straggered (the studs are not all the same hautreur: allows for an equilibrated whatever its rope), selected by a 5-way switch (not three The models like vintage)

-Alder body, handle with a touch Saddle Saddle palisandre or 22 boxes. Tension bar bi-flex. medium jumbo frets

Fender synchronized tremolo-two anchor points, acastillage chrom mcaniques Fender / Shaller floors.

- Three knob: gnral volume, one tone for the micro serious a tone for the other two microphones with a new Systm Appell "delta tone" ... I will get back.

-The guitar is sold as a tuis fender with all accessories: chifonie, jack, cls, strap.

There is therefore here that the classic is almost the original configuration of the strata: no humbucker, Floyd, everything is almost the same for half a century.


-Handle: the handle is "C". I find it comfortable trs. Shredder, on your way! the handle is actually quite rounded which does not make this guitar suits the trs plans tapping for example. Personally I have a soft spot for well rounded handle that fits perfectly hand plutt the handle "plank" type Ibanez. It therefore appears that the normal round of the strat suits me ... amricaine requires finishing, the frets are perfectly polished it slides alone! well, I'm not objective on this subject trs ... One can also note that the strings are pretty moves away the key, like many guitar brand. It's a bit destabilizing to beginners but after a few hours of play it can be done quickly. Access in acute trs is corect. As I also is not an SG, so the top of the box 19 becomes quite dlicat ca.

Ergonomics: I love it. Dcoupes The body is perfect: comfortable and beautiful. The guitar is super lgre. Compare a Les Paul is a pen. Playing with a Start does not require any effort: it has no shoulder dmolie after an hour, the hands are placed naturally. It's not for nothing that is often said that the stratum is the "sixime member of guitarist "....... Ah dtail little of nothing: Fender had the (good?) Ide put a spring in the cavity of the vibrato to avoid accidents with the stem. It effectively prevent you from driving the good vibrato and that it ends up completely surlev. I quickly removed the little spring. Just be careful with the rod and everything will be fine.

-Sound: it's not complicated it was great sound for each position and not all rglages prs. For a Start sounds ugly, you really want it. on the other hand I remain quite skeptical vis Systm "delta tone". This is supposed to bring a boost to the lightweight micro acute (+3 db) and cut the tone on micro acute and medium which will provide both microphone, a sound so pure untreated. Discrete action when it is pushed a little button on deuxime tone one feels when one o 'click'. As was said, may make people want! rsultat .... mouai. Means just the boost the microphone gain medium can be strong, holding trs ear a little something. And is valid for clear sound! Soon as you pass by saturating the diffrence is compltement inxistante. This is not a default (I do not drop my note!), But I remain peplexe!


First a little rant! Let's stop the blame strat not be able to make hard, trash and other music boosted. Although Obviously it can not: it is not made for that! Yet we read across "a pity we can not do with the trash!" this is ridiculous! it's like if you bought a clarinet gnialissime and you say "it trs well but we can not do with Slayer ..." You should not buy this if c'tait you were looking for something else!

The stratocaster is a scratch for gniale styles for which it cre t, force less for what is not his domain. Its vast area is trs, probably more than many other guitar. It will be perfect for the blue, the blue-rock, rock, funk, jazz (!). on the other hand, it is only on a simple micro end alder body is n'aurra NEVER sound as a Gibson with pais. In saturated still be missing from the body before you get into hard or trash plan. Let's review the positions dj known for some prs everyone.

-1: Micro serious one. The position of prfre Henrdix. It gives her a trs Flut clear that both saturated. Position idalie also for DLIR Gilmouriens ;-)
-2: Severe + medium. This position will give you the must in the clear. It is simply splendid. In crunch or overdrive, it sounds SRV trs. By varying the tones approaching a jazz sound.
-3: Micro medium. Its pretty slamming. I prfre saturated in that light.
-4: Medium + acute: rahhhh! this position is too good! excellent for cocote funky! ca claque terribly. L is really saying thank you to the microphones simple!
-5: Acute. The one I like least. Trs trs slamming, TFW same too! Well saturated.

All pickups are fairly quiet which is aprciable inatendu trs is for single coils. Effect will be almost too much for the mess! Good reverb, a chorus soupson, lgre saturation, there's no need to make weight for the sound to be sublime hand if you want to play the Hendrix wah a one and a big fuzz derrire and even the great!


There is nothing I do not like her! Anyway for now! J'hsitais between a Start and a Les Paul studio. Stratum had my preferences because (my opinion) I found it more versatile, more comfortable than the LP. I tried the Start with humbucker has not convinced me .. If one seeks a humbucker sound is better to turn to gibson rather than taking strat "hybrid" (again this is only me!). The series highway tai not bad either but we quickly understood why it cost me that the American series: the finish leaves a little DSIR, varnish such as trs pais.Question low price c is on it's expensive (not counting 50 more if you want a sunburst) but it's a guitar that is kept throughout his life. And the price also depends on the quality there is no default even when that is apprciable.