Fender American Stratocaster [2000-2007]
Fender American Stratocaster [2000-2007]

American Stratocaster [2000-2007], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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Datch 09/02/2004

Fender American Stratocaster [2000-2007] : Datch's user review


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Start the 't was manufactured in the United States, my MODEL is the latest issue (ie a means that this guitar is the last team in the Contents of Fender Start' amricaine STANDARD ...). Key (in Saddle for me, issue preferences ...) has 22 frets, and for over a year of intensive use they take the road! Like the handle Saddle! Question microphones are, as mentioned above, three single coil pickups MODEL Start 'amricaine standard, the bridge itself is also a standard MODEL (shame that Fender is not had the wonderful ide d install a bridge on the type vintage MODELS, look for a slap much !!!), unfortunately "fan of all kinds of vibrato" go your way! because the intensive use of it dsaccorde Whereas the guitar (no-strings block nut Obviously ...) but we are not in mtalleux so who cares!
As for the knobs: 1 volume + 2 tone and 5 slecteur positions to obtain a standard sound palette!


First the handle ... The grip is IMMEDIATE and enjoyable, allowing to easily stroll and web notes with great precision. However Access in all boxes dernires ncessitent "micro-fingers" and creates the possibility of "breaks wrists" over the sound of notes dernires boxes s'touffent quickly (but it's rare that we go looking for notes on the boxes ...). 22me
Stratodale form is very nice and perfect weight, allowing easy handling and some sheering scniques spectacular!


Question the norm is that guitar! Extremely versatile, from blues to rock guitar is perfect, but refrain srnomtalleux ... The three microphones each have their own thanks to slecteur and 5 positions are reached every style, question the norm I repeat it! The sound is crystal clear (the strong point!), And another crunch or distos also come easily to achieve the heavy-metal in the bridge position ... Gnial!


As you can see this guitar is a Russianness! Question quality-price is fantastic for such a work 1200E is incredible! Fans of blues, rock, funk, heavy metal, hard rock this guitar is for you! Repel against it by fans looking for a big sound nomtal fat o only 4 strings are utiliss ... Superb!