Fender American Stratocaster HSS [2003-2007]
Fender American Stratocaster HSS [2003-2007]

American Stratocaster HSS [2003-2007], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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iamqman 10/11/2011

Fender American Stratocaster HSS [2003-2007] : iamqman's user review

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The Fender Stratocaster is exceptional and versatile instrument that has lasted generations of new guitar exploration. So many boutique builders uses Fender Stratocaster as their main influence to build their new custom guitars. This is a simple design a simple look and exceptional sound. The bare wood look is a nice vintage look to this guitar.


These guitars feature three single coil pickups a volume control knob and two tone control knobs. As well as a pickup selector that allows you to pick up five different tonal options. There's not a whole lot of extra switches or boosts in this guitar but just a great look and overall great paint job as well. Simple guitar with classic design.


The tone of these guitars are fantastic and I really like them coupled with a good high gain amplifier. I lean more towards high gain amplifier than a clean amplifier with a overdrive or distortion pedal out front. I primarily like to get my saturation and distortion from the tubes of the amplifier themselves. So this guitar to give me a great sustain and a great fluid sound and is a good match with my simple set up. I don't use a lot of pedals or effects or mods but maybe just an analog delay or some chorus that allows me to get a full three-dimensional sound with a single coil pickup guitar such as this one. Overall it's a great instrument and will sound good in any setting that you may have.


These guitarists are priced new right at around the thousand dollars or so . You can find them used very easily as well online or in craigslist. Most retailer guitar shops will carry Fender Stratocaster guitars as well so I suggest trying out a few to find out which color him watch one you prefer. I highly recommend these guitars to anyone because are great instruments and their great for recording or digging. They have a great sound and are extremely versatile for just about any musician out there.