Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster
Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster

Classic '60s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

whitestrato 08/10/2005

Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster : whitestrato's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Manufacturing in Mexico
alder body
run "C shape" in stocky, rosewood fingerboard
21 frets
3 single coil pickups (not found in catalog REFERENCE prcise Fender)
slecteur five positions (three against the Strato authentic 60's or 62's American Vintage)
1 gnral volume, neck pickup Tone 1, Tone 1 micro center
floating bridge with bridges and the old rod trmolo, 3 tension springs
wants to finish "vintage" mcaniques chrome slots, 3-ply pickguard and knobs "mint-green", but the paint is not artificially aged, it's not a Relic or an Artist SERIES SRV;)


- Handle trs trs well finished and enjoyable play, especially with rosewood fingerboard
I personally do not like the buttons reporting stocky, but everyone gots his ...

- Easy Access in acute and comfort perfect game (requires Stratocaster)

- Guitar lgre, about 3.5 kg and well balance

BUT carnations prvus slide attachment with straps so cheap Fender strap-locks highly recommended!


- I play blues and rock 60's "crunchy" on a little bit saturated Vox Cambridge 15 W
(A single lamp in the prampli), so you qualify for depending on your amp and your rglages

position 1 (bridge pickup): INTERESTED clear sound, but not Fully convinced ...
position 2 (bridge pickup and middle pickup): INTERESTED much, especially in the fingers arpges
position 3 (middle pickup): trs good for the rhythmic sounds clear, like "Tequila"
position 4 (neck pickup and middle pickup): the best position for the little blues saturbr /> position 5 (neck pickup): the best position for the more saturated blues or rock solos
I personally RULES the knobs between 5 and 10 for positions 1 3 (clean sounds)
And between 7 and ... bottom positions 4 and 5, to find the "grain" Blues for Me


I was looking for a Strato Fidler sounds and design of the 60's to play mostly blues
and I'm not (bought new in Brussels in May for about 700 Euros).
In white finish with a superb rosewood fingerboard, it has a small ct Hendrixien that made me crack all the microphones to sound more "round" and less of Strato slaps "Highway One".

It gives its full potential with a 100 W amplifier "two-body" while a cabinet lamps and 4 hp 12 "
I had a BMD convincing the store ... BOGNER amp on.
With a 15 W amp is a bit just for the "big sound" without a disto like Daddy O '
Only small BMOL meet: rod trmolo a little too much play in the slot, so go easy! It's not a vibrato "Floyd Rose", so you take it for Eddie Van Halen;)