Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster
Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster

Classic '60s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

Big Bad Pete 10/29/2004

Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster : Big Bad Pete's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
It's a Mexican. It is also necessary to know or look on the back of the head to see a dicret "made in Mexico."
A reproduction trs Fidler seems there strat sries L. (I say "it seems" because I've never had SERIES L hands ...)
So the ultra classic Fender tremolo bridge, 6 screws, three microphones in the same polarity so the buzz on five positions, not so vintage mcaniques nazes that has (since the time I ' to hear the bad!)
Handle the former, so trs comfortable, but with the SETTING THE rod in the heel, and a radius of curvature labeled trs.
The plate and the buttons are aged. And dernire thing, mine is sunburst. Pluttrussie and because we do not see the connection between diffrent pices of the body.

I put 10 because it looks like she really out of the car of Marty McFly: time travel!


The handle is enjoyable trs. Idalie form for me. Beware of the bends APRS 12th case, the curvature of the neck can cause the strings curling. But it's no big deal.
It is very well balance.

Et .. and ... and it sounds! see APRS.

I put another 10, because the strata are for me the most comfortable guitars is my 3 am and it does not droge RULES.


FINALLY! I have the sound of Start I'm looking for ... 10 years, 15 years? It took that long to have a Start with a clear pure, crystalline, sweet, beautiful but also sweet that engages the saturated ds'.
Because Previous always had a cot in the high aggressive mdium me twist the ears.

Here, no, everything is smooth, even with the micro acute, yet so aggressive usual. On this scratch, he is biting but not "torture."

on the other hand, ds that the gain is a bit rushed the parasites ... I would put many Kinman blues, but I'm afraid of losing what's so beautiful.

10 because I so long rvait


I've had three weeks, she's beautiful, it sounds an exemplary finish (assembly of the handle impec ') and all for 765 Euros!

Frankly, do not slam your dough with amricaines, overrated and overpriced. These Mexican strats "Classic 50 and 60" are for me the perfect example of what should be the era of the Fender, guitars beautiful, well assembled but remain simple. Useless to the pter with stories of select wood ultra contraptions thing as Fender is trying to make us believe with the new American series.

10 because it's worth it!