Fender Custom Shop Time Machine '60 Relic Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop Time Machine '60 Relic Stratocaster

Custom Shop Time Machine '60 Relic Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Custom Shop Stratocaster series.

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walkeur 03/05/2005

Fender Custom Shop Time Machine '60 Relic Stratocaster : walkeur's user review


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-Factory in the United States by the "Custom Shop"
-Alder body
Early 60s C header
-21 Vintage style frets
Microphones "Custom 60s Single-Coil Start Pickups"
-3 CONTRL, Volume + Tone + Tone middle round
Slecteur 3-position (5 positions slecteur a replacement is provided in the box)
American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo-
Guitar artificially-aged for a vintage look
Flightcase-Deluxe comes with a brown, orange-or indoor kitsch that score alone over 300


I have never seen a race as easy to play, or else it is that this guitar is made for me: D
Access in acute-super easy
It is a bit heavy, but hey, when you listen, you say that the wood be worth a port: D
-That is simple, in all positions of tonal slecteur it sounds!


"I plutt style blues / rock, great
Play-on Marshall, Fender, Vox amps as lamps, it's magic
-I get even with my podxtlive have mtal sounds or sounds that one usually gets with a humbucker (when finally ca does not equate same eh, it's not for a)
With this guitar, you have a vintage fender, finally making good on my JCM900 rglages my body double, I have the same sound, M-playing with a strat SERIES 64 L on some tracks
"I actually changed by the lutthier slecteur 3positions by a 5-position, it comes with when it achte nothing to break the vintage look, what a surprise !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a range of more standard sounds! With the neck position / environment I sound approaching carrment David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) with the middle position / I have a bridge approaching its pretty expensive microphones Texas Stevie Ray Vaughan! It was well worth the opration. The Lutthier really work clean.


-I since March 2003
-What I remember most is the handle, the dpart I wanted to buy a Start Deluxe, j'tais prt qq buy it by day, when I saw this MODEL color Sunburst Yellow, red and black is no longer done by Fender Vintage MODEL forces, which is the color of my guitar prfre, I found too good ! But when I saw labeled 4085, I have less ri ... I was the seller in the pocket so I wanted to try just to see what has given even when ... then the rvlation, c'tait all I could RVer better! Test on a Fender Hotrod Deluxe lamps. That sound! but what sound! And the sleeve could be beginners, fingers along the spin boxes! I try to rglages in every way, it sounds as hell, and each has its own color rglage diffrent other. So I knew what to do, the price drove me wild, I have not slept all night doing calculations in my head whether I could take a crdit the diffrence with the price a deluxe ... APRS two days I was playing with me: D
Qualitprix-good report ... ca is nothing to do with it when the price achte is that we are really in love
-This is the guitar of my life, so does the choice I would do ...